Resource Builder 3.0.2

Resource Builder 3.0.2: Resource Builder - create, edit and compile RC scripts to build resource files. resource file builder? With Resource Builder you can create, edit, compile and merge RC scripts to build new resource files (.res) fast. Only Resource Builder provides full support for Unicode resource files and resource data! Import resources from existing WIN32 executables and 32-bit/16-bit resource files (RES, DCR). Extract, update and modify any resources in 32-bit executables (EXE files) and libraries (DLL and other files). Edit images and create

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Web Resource 2.5

resource and project scheduling with project and resource forecasting and flexible calendar views. With Web Resource, you can add unlimited resources, allocate these resources to projects and tasks, then view the results either on screen or in printed reports. The bi-directional integration with Replicon`s other product, Web TimeSheet saves time by allowing you to import/export your existing projects, tasks, and resources. Web Resource is 100% web

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Resource Tuner 2.01: A resource editor to make changes to icons and strings in EXE and DLL files.
Resource Tuner 2.01

Resource Tuner enables you to customize your favorite programs by modifying the executable file (EXE, DLL, SYS, MSSTYLES, SCR and more) resources. Resource Tuner makes it a snap to replace them with other images, texts and sounds more to your liking. Extract images, edit them, and place them back. Or extract images from one application and put them into another. Have fun personalizing any application to your own unique taste. With Resource Tuner

icon, menu, file, unpacker, resource, win32, dialog, manifest, editor, viewer, extract

Resource Tuner Console 1.92: Batch edit and modify resources embedded in 32- and 64-bit EXE and DLL files.
Resource Tuner Console 1.92

This command-line resource editor automates editing of file resources in large numbers of Windows 32 and 64-bit executable files and makes resource editing easier and faster. Using Resource Tuner Console as a post-build task is a great way of creating a repeatable process for updating the file properties: version information, strings, bitmaps, manifests and icons. This lets you make sure your application is always "face-lifted" after a build.

icon, resource, script, change, batch, editor, version, file, commandline

PlanningForce Express Scheduler 2.3.2: Free scheduling software program. Schedule your project and resources.
PlanningForce Express Scheduler 2.3.2

Free scheduling software to schedule your MS-project files, your Omniplan files and your Excel files. Our free scheduler is available for Mac and Windows. This freeware generates reports based on scheduling results. Get resource allocations without any over-allocation. Our freeware generates 6 types of report (Key performance indicators, resource usage, resource allocations, resource scheduling and goals report).

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RC Localize 7.06: Translate Visual Studio RC resources files, localize your application easily
RC Localize 7.06

resource files for Windows applications. RC Localize imports RC resource files created with Visual Studio 6.0, 2005, 2008, 2010... RC Localize simplifies the translation process of your software. Turn it to a multilingual application easily: select the resource file and add the language in which you want to translate it and you`re ready to start the translation. The integrated editor allows to translate the texts contained in the resource. For each

msdev, item, string, edit, english, dialog, spanish, french, editor, unicode, edition, localize, translation

Resource .NET v4 3.0.4087: A utility to easily refresh embedded graphic resources in a .NET assembly.
Resource .NET v4 3.0.4087

Resource .NET is a utility to easily refresh embedded resources in a .NET assembly. Supports: Microsoft ResX Schema (*.resX), Embedded Resource (*.resources), Import/Export/View/Edit embedded resources, Icon/Bitmap/Cursor/String...etc, ImageListStreamer, PinnedBufferMemoryStream (v4), Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010.

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